Back by popular demand!
"It's TWO in the pink and TWO in the stink, you bastard! You will respect my move!"

Two in the pink,
Two in the stink,
And one for extra fun.
Two in the coot,
Two in the boot,
And another for backup support.
Going to town,
With two in the brown,
And a traveling salesman as well.
Two in the grass,
Two in the ass,
And a thumb on top of the world.
Dos en el rosado,
Y dos en el morado,
And a thumb that only speaks English.
Two in the bush,
Two in the tush,
And a sniper ready to fire.
Two in the split,
Two where she shits,
And one to rub where she pees.
Two in the goo,
Two in the poo,
And one for the magic button.